Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Joe Biden's Demise - The Train Is On The Track

This Blogger predicts that Joe Biden will be gone within the first 12 months of taking office.  It will happen one of three ways.  First, Biden could just die a natural death.  He has dealt with brain aneurisms, which are life threatening.  The stress of the job may just do him in.  Second and more likely, the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State will use the 25th Amendment to remove him from office for dementia that is obvious.  All of a sudden Fake News will start to notice his gaffs.  At some point, they will say OMG, Biden has dementia.  Go figure.  The possibility of having the first half black female President is just impossible for them to resist.  

And of course, since the process must be started by Kamela Harris, who is ruthless, she will be happen to oblige.  And finally, but less probable is that Biden will be forced to resign for the Biden Crime Family corruption, which is real.  This will be the least likely reason for Biden's demise because Biden's DOJ and FBI will never prosecute the case.  Besides, Pay to Plan Schemes are perfectly normal in the DC swamp.  They can't let Biden go down because there are so many others that would be implicated feeding at the trough. 

Half the country sees Joe Biden as an illegitimate usurper who won by Voter Fraud.  Biden has been used to win the White House with the full intention of replacing him one way or another.  The biggest mistake Biden made so far was in choosing Kamela Harris.  If he had chosen an old White guy, unless the guy was even more left wing than Biden, there would have been no advantage to removing Biden, since he is easy to control.  But since Biden chose Harris, he has put in place the train that will shortly run him over.  Mark my words, Biden will be gone one way or another within the first 12 months of taking office.  

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