Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Time for Lawsuits In America

Republican State Attorney Generals must band together to file lawsuits to stop the Biden Administration at every turn from implementing what could be unconstitutional executive orders.  The Socialists never stopped the lawsuits during the entire Trump Presidency.  Now it is our turn.  For example, the Paris Climate Accord is a foreign treaty that should require a two thirds vote of the Senate for approval. Obama never submitted it to the Senate because he knew very well it would never have been approved, which is still the case today.  Biden alone does not have the authority to bind the United States to the Paris Climate Accord, which is a job killer.  Attorney Generals from energy producing states led by Texas should file litigation and let it go all the way to the Supreme Court to stop it.  The odds are more than good that Biden would lose in court. 

In addition as recently occurred in a lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General related to Immigration Laws on the books, Attorney Generals should file litigation to insist that our immigration laws be enforced, which includes securing our border and deporting illegal alien felons.  We cannot allow Biden and his National Socialist Party to ignore existing immigration laws. 

Next, Conservative Groups representing whole classes of people facing any kind of discrimination related to freedom of speech, religion or gun rights must sue the federal and state governments and or any companies, or organizations taking actions that violate the Constitution.  This includes Big Tech collusion to silence half the country.  This would include the 100 largest US Global Companies, including Big Tech that control 50% of our GDP that are attempting to impose left wing politically correct ideology on their employees, suppliers and customers.  We cannot allow these things to continue in a free country.  We must must use the courts as a remedy.  

Parents and Grandparents must get more involved with local public school districts and even private schools to make sure schools are educating and not indoctrinating their children with Cancel Culture revisionist history and Socialist and Communist ideology.  This could involve suing teacher unions that are destroying our public schools. 

Businesses that have been negatively impacted by Antifa and BLM Rioting, Looting and Arson should ban together to file class action lawsuits against these Terrorist organizations that have money, cities and states for allowing the destruction to take place.  These entities must feel the financial pain for their actions if this chaos is ever going to stop.  

It is time to use the laws on the books to take back our country.  There will be wins and losses in these legal fights, but they must occur to make it very clear that Americans will stand up to protect our rights.  Our motto from the American Revolution should be "Don't Tread On Me".  To do otherwise allows the attacks on our freedoms to continue.  We can't allow this to become the New Normal in the United States.  

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