Sunday, August 8, 2021

Woke Olympics Are A Bust

Woke NBC and advertisers are panicked because viewers are just not watching the Olympics.  In fact, viewership is down 49% from the last Olympics in 2016.   Advertisers paid big bucks for the commercials few people are seeing.  NBC is now giving them more free ad time in an attempt to compensate advertisers for their losses.  And, so why is it happening.  As occurred with other professional sports that decided to go woke during games expressing political positions and disrespect for our country, patriotic Americans, half the country, have turned away. 

Why the hell would we support spoiled, big mouth athletes who disrespect our country especially on a world stage.  And as it turns out, many of them are losers anyway who will not be taking home the Gold.  At the end of the day, billions of dollars are at stake.  Woke companies think that they can be woke and we will buy their products.  NOT!  The owners of Sports teams allow athletes during games to disrespect our country by taking a knee, or turning their back on our flag and then they assume we will continue watching.  NOT!

Frankly, what athletes do on their own time is their business.  But when they are playing professional sports, they are at work.   People watch sports as a diversion to get away from the division in our country.  They don't watch sports to have some athlete who is wet behind their ears tell us what to think.  Most of all, support for Black Lives Matter are Antifa, which are terrorist, Marxist, anti American organizations, not a civil right groups is appalling.   So, we vote with our feet.  We don't watch, which in the end will cost team owners, athletes and woke companies billions of dollars.  Eventually, they will get the message.  

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