Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Crisis, Covid and Chaos At The Border

As we face an unprecedented invasion by illegal aliens, drug smugglers and human traffickers at our border, the Biden Administration refuses to acknowledge the Crisis, Covid entering our country and Chaos we are seeing everyday.  The National Socialists, Fake News and Deep State are ignoring the mess Joe Biden has created on this and so many other issues.  It is truly a national emergency.  

And, since there are so many thousands of people coming into our country illegally each day, the border patrol is overwhelmed so they are just letting these people into our country aided by Catholic and other charities that are giving them bus tickets to go all over the country.   Many of these people have Covid, so it is an incredible super spreader activity as we are seeing cases spike in many cities in the nation.  

It is time for action.  The troops coming home from Afghanistan and others should be sent to the border immediately to protect our country from this invasion.  Idiot Biden should reimpose the Trump policies keeping illegal aliens in Mexico while they await their hearings for their asylum claims.  Biden should insist that the Mexican army once again be stationed at their border with the triangle countries to stop the invasion before it starts.  And, finally Biden needs to finish the damn border wall.  Unless and until these things all happen, we will continue to see the invasion of our country.  Republicans should stop all business in Congress until these actions are taken.  It is time to get serious again about border security.  

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