Saturday, August 28, 2021

Biden Approves Drone Strike On Isis K in Afghanistan

The good news is that Joe Biden approved a drone strike presumably on ISIS-K planners of the Terrorist attack that killed 13 of our soldiers, wounded many others and killed more than 150 Afghans at the airport in Kabul.  Given the debacle in Afghanistan, Biden needs to go further.  We are well aware of Terrorists plotting against the United States in countries all over the world.  To prove our over the horizon capabilities, Biden needs to approve drone attacks wherever these Terrorist reside.  So, this would be Al Qaeda, ISIS and other organizations that should be eliminated.  We should not wait until we are attacked again.  We need to move now. 

And, we have to stop all the woke Military crap we see happening in the US.  Our military is in business to do one thing and one thing only and that is to kill our enemies.  Humanitarian efforts are admiral, but that is not the primary reason we spend billions of dollars every year on our military.  The US Military must focus on taking out our enemies wherever they exist.  We must demonstrate the long arm of the United States proving that there is no refuge for these killers.  This should be the Biden Doctrine even if written by others in his Administration.  No more troops on the ground.  Death from the air.  

Further, Biden and others in the National Socialist Party must stop saying that White Supremists in the United States are a bigger threat to the American people than Islamic Fascist Terrorists.  That notion is ridiculous.  We are in a long term struggle with these Islamic Fascist Terrorists that could last several decades.  Either we win, or they win.  It is that simple.  The only thing they understand is military power.  Don't forget Islam was spread by Mohamed by the sword.  These brutal Islamic Fascist Terrorists believe it is their mission to continue spreading Islam by the sword.   This is why they love beheading people.  We must show them that their goals are futile and that our sword is bigger and more powerful than theirs swords.   We don't behead, we obliterate. That is why we must prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons no matter what it takes.  

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