Friday, August 6, 2021

NEA Teacher Union Suing Mom For Requesting Information

The National Education Association of Rhode Island, the state teacher union is suing a student's mother for requesting information concerning the school district's involvement with Critical Race Theory indoctrination.  The request for information is happening under the state's Freedom of Information laws.  The teacher union is alleging that revealing such information may show individual teacher involvement in this racist curriculum.   Hopefully, this case will be thrown out of court because any information provided would be redacted to exclude any teacher or administrator's name. 

However, what this case shows is that teacher unions do not represent the interests of students, parents or taxpayers no matter what they claim.  First of all, teacher unions are in business to extract more money from taxpayers to pay them higher salaries and better pensions and to get better working conditions.  That is all fine and to be expected of any union in business to represent the interests of their members. 

Where left wing teacher unions and many other private and public sector unions in the country go wrong is that they also advocate for various left wing positions like abortion on demand, gun control, corrupt elections, Green New Deal, anti family and religion, and now Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project Socialist, Marxist, racist revisionist fake history.  That makes teacher unions the enemy of half the country, people and voters that do not support these positions.  

Further, since the National Socialists always push forcing employees to become members of a union whether they support these radical left wing positions or not, it is clear that union membership must be completely voluntary so that employees that oppose these positions are not forced to give money to unions.  

Even Franklin Roosevelt believed that public employee unions, which would include teacher unions were not in the best interest of our country because government is a monopoly.  We see this in action.  Teacher unions are the biggest contributors to Socialist campaigns.  Once elected, their lackey candidates, owned lock stock and barrel by the teacher unions support more money, higher pensions, less work etc so they get what they have paid for.  It is corruption plain and simple.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  

Teacher unions are the single biggest reason we need School Choice in the United States.  Poor and middle class parents, in particular, must be able to opt out of poorly managed, failing government controlled public schools the same way rich parents can do.  Given that more than half the kids in our country do not read or do math at grade level and many of them are way below, teacher unions focused on left wing ideology having nothing to do with academic achievement have clearly lost their way.  Parents and taxpayers should see teacher unions as the detrimental to the interests of students because in reality, teacher unions do not represent their best interests.   

We have certainly seen this during the Covid pandemic as teacher unions refused to open schools, even though On- Line learning was a complete failure.   Teachers loved working from home for a few hours a day getting paid their full salaries even though everybody knew half the kids were missing instruction.  Disgraceful!

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