Saturday, August 14, 2021

Cameras In All Classrooms - The Technology Exists

In a recent incident of many, a history teacher in the Washoe County School District in Reno where I live announced to her class that she would not be teaching the US History curriculum, which is mandated by the school district and that instead she would be teach, or really indoctrinate about Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ issues.  In addition, this teacher indicated that is was fine to be Gay or Transgender in her classroom and to just advise her of sexual orientation so she did not bring it up when talking with a parent.  She then passed out index cards asking students to tell her what pronoun they wanted to be known by; presumably he, she, him, her or ???.  A brave young man in her class testified to this occurrence before the school board.  His remarks have gone viral and it has caused an uproar in Reno.  The student's remarks have been corroborated by other kids in the class. 

Many have contacted the school board and the principal in question demanding that they take disciplinary action against the teacher, including if the teacher does not cease and desist from her illegal actions FIRING her.  Sadly, incidents like this are happening all over the country as school districts seek to indoctrinate children with Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project, which are Marxist, racist, revisionist Fake History.  Further, teachers in many school districts are positioning Black Lives Matter, which is a Communist Terrorist organization, out to destroy our country that has rioted looted and burned down businesses and government building as a legitimate civil rights organization.  The fact is that BLM members should be in jail, not held up role models for children. 

There is a simple solution to what is happening.  My grandson goes to a Christian Pre-School that provide parents the ability to see what is happening in the classroom by live video feed.  The technology is there to make it happen cost effectively.  Since many teachers are indoctrinating rather than educating, we need cameras now in every classroom to guarantee that legitimate approved curriculum is being taught.  Clearly, in many cases, which includes Washoe County in Reno, Nevada, we can't trust woke school board's, administrators, or teacher unions to protect the interests of students, parents and taxpayers.  

So, it must be Trust but Verify.  Teachers do not have any right to privacy in the classroom.  If cops are required to wear body cameras to insure that they are doing jobs properly, which has proved to be a good idea, why shouldn't teachers trusted with our children and grandchildren face the same scrutiny.  Believe me, bad teachers will quit.  Good teachers will love showing off their talents and ability to actually teach children the subjects they are being paid to teach.  Of course, the teacher unions, left wing educators and National Socialist politicians will be totally opposed to cameras in the classroom because they don't want the public to see what is actually happening.  

It is time for cameras in all classrooms.  Parents, grandparents and tax payers, in general related to public schools have a right to see live what is happening in classrooms.  It is the least intrusive way to monitor classroom teaching.  Clearly, the incident in Reno of many happening all over the country demonstrates that the time has come for more effective public scrutiny.  We need to see what we are paying for in the classroom because we can't trust those charged with managing public schools, in particular, to get the job done.  

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