Wednesday, August 25, 2021

New Deal - Great Society - $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan - Here We Go Again

Funny how National Socialist politicians do not seem to learn the lessons of history.  Fancy Nancy Pelosi just likened the $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan, the Socialists are pushing through Congress as another New Deal, or Great Society Program.  So let's see, the New Deal did not end the Great Depression.  Matter of fact, unemployment did not go down much as a result of New Deal government spending.  By 1938, the country was back in a Recession so much so that Franklin Roosevelt thought he might lose the election.  What the New Deal did do it destroy the Black family many of whom went on Welfare and Food Stamps and are still there today.  The New Deal created Social Security, which is headed toward insolvency today. It was World War II that ended the Great Depression not the New Deal.  In fact, the New Deal prolonged the Great Depression.  

The Great Society, Lyndon Johnson's baby created Medicare also headed toward insolvency today.  In addition, federal government Title I monies began flowing to our public schools many of which are a mess today.  Those billions of dollars every year that go to the public schools have done nothing to improve academic performance.   The poverty programs that came out of the Great Society have left the poor, poorer today than they were then.  So, Great Society Programs as well have been a failure.  

What both the New Deal the Great Society proved is that big government programs don't work and in many cases make matter even worse than they were before.  :Poverty today is greater than in 1965.  So Fancy Nancy's $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan will grow government at the expense of our freedoms.  In the end, our standard of living will fall because energy prices will go through the roof.  More unstainable entitlements added to the ones that already exist will bankrupt our country.  To pay for them all sorts of new taxes will have to go up; but not just on the rich on everybody.  Europeans all pay very high taxes for their cradle to grave government services.  In the process, they are at the mercy of government who decides who will live and who will die because government controls health care services.  

So if Biden's $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan is enacted without one single Republican vote, it will be a back to the future moment.  All the failures of the New Deal and Great Society will be repeated.  We have seen this story before.   Too bad so few people study history.  

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