Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Vaccination Mandates - Freedom Of Choice

While I believe everyone should get the Covid vaccine as long as there are not other health issues preventing it from happening, it is clear to me that an all encompassing vaccination mandate is Big Government overreach and a violation of our freedoms.  People need to decide for themselves no different than driving a car knowing the risks of accidents and potential deaths.  The reality is that a very small percentage of people actually die from Covid because there are treatments that prevent it.  

That said, people working in essential jobs like school district employees, cops, firemen, hospitals etc. should be required by their employers to get vaccinated.  If they refuse, they should be put on leave of absence without pay.  People working at companies should be encouraged to get vaccinated but not required.  Students 12 and older should probably be required to get vaccinated no different than the other vaccines required to attend school.  We just can't close the schools again so mandated vaccination may just have to happen.  

Since we have been vaccinated, I am not concerned about getting it from someone who has not been vaccinated because I know if we do get Covid, it will probably be a mild care and actually enhance our immunity.  I would consider it the same as a booster shot.  At the end of the day, this like so many other issues, is about personal responsibility.  People who refuse to be vaccinated are risking getting sick, potentially very sick and even dying.   Those who do not get vaccinated should have the malaria pill cocktail, which includes the ZPack anti biotic on hand as a remedy as soon as symptoms start up.   They should be taking zinc and vitamin D as a preventative, which we continue to do even though we have been vaccinated.  

We have to get back to living a normal life.  Everyday, we all do things, like drive cars, fly on airplanes, take walks in places with high crime rates all of which involve risks.   We do these things because they are part of our quality of life.  We can't let the National Socialists and Big Brother take that away from us.  And, we can't worry about or be responsible for people who choose not to be vaccinated.  It is about Freedom of Choice. 

Cloth Masks are probably a waste of time and should be optional for anyone who feels the need to wear one.  Certainly, those of us that have been vaccinated should not be required to wear masks whether indoors or outdoors.  The whole point of being vaccinated was to get back to normal.  Wearing Masks are not getting back to normal so it has to stop.  

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  1. It's evident you've not done your homework on what exactly the shot is! IT'S NOT A VACCINE!!