Monday, August 2, 2021

All Schools Must Be Open In The Fall

Come hell or high water, all schools must be open in the fall.  Dealing with Covid is simple.  School districts must require all staff members to be vaccinated unless a doctor certifies that vaccination would be impossible because of someone's heath issues.   Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated and or can't be vaccinated due to health reasons should take a leave of absence without pay.   Vaccination for children 12 and older should also be required just like occurs for other vaccinations to attend school.  Children exempted by a doctor for medical reasons should still be allowed to attend school because on line learning failed in many cases. 

Masks should be optional for teachers and students not mandatory, since their effectiveness is questionable anyway.  Younger children should not be required to be vaccinated until there is more study as to the impact.  Teacher unions should not be dictating policy.  School Districts can add sick time for anybody who gets Covid.  

Many children lost an entire year or more of learning as a result of on line learning.  Half the kids never attended, which hurt inner city kids the most who often read and do math below grade level.  These kids cannot afford to be out of school, since they are already so far behind. 

Similar policies should be implemented for hospitals, cops, firemen and other essential services.  We have got to get back to normal.  We can't allow those in the Deep State to run our lives any longer.  Flip Flop Fauci and the Center for Disease Control have lost all credibility related to Covid.  Now it is just time for common sense.  Forget about the so called "experts".  They are often clueless.   

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