Sunday, August 8, 2021

Obama's 60th Birthday Bash

After saying that Obama's 60th Birthday Bash would be scaled back because of new Covid outbreaks all over the country, since the tent was up and all of the expenses were pre paid, the Obama's went ahead and had the party anyway in a huge outdoor tent.  Several hundred of the glitterati showed up from all over the world, most names you would know from Hollywood, Big Business and Politicos.  So, the Obama's and their guests who danced and ate mask less through the night attended a super spreader event and then flew home on their private jets.  

It will be very interesting to see how many of these people come down with Covid and or spread it to their families and friends.  Of course, Flip Flop Fauci condemned a big motorcycle event attended by the low and infamous Deplorables; but said nothing about Obama's Birthday Party.  It is very clear that there are rules for the rich and famous and then rules for all the rest of us Deplorables.  

So what is new.  The ruling class in our country makes the rules; but rarely follows them.  They fly on their private jets polluting the environment; but we are not allowed to have carbon powered cars or electricity.  They demand that we spend 20 - 30% more for an electric powered car without any explanation of where the electricity is going to come from.  In California, people who own electric cars were told not to plug them in to power up because the grid could not provide sufficient electricity to get California through the hot summer.   California has already adopted the Green New Deal and the end result is Black Out's in many parts of the state.  

So, Obama, the birthday boy apparently had a great party to celebrate his 60th birthday.  But like Marie Antionette, the Queen of France said before she was beheaded in the French Revolution, let the them eat cake referring to their Deplorables.  You can bet the Obama's and their guests had plenty of cake and all sorts of other delicacies that involved spending more money on this party for food than the average family would spend on food in five or ten years.  Oh well, it is what it is.  The rich just get richer and party on while the rest of us just get by.  This is the sort of thing that causes revolutions in other countries.   

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