Saturday, August 21, 2021

Biden & Rats Off A Sinking Ship

Weak and feeble Joe Biden has created a tragic fiasco in Afghanistan.  Biden was told by intelligence agencies at the Departments of State, Defense, CIA etc. that the Taliban could very well take over the country quickly and he ignored their advice.  Now of course, like rats off a sinking ship, they are all leaking information in order to survive.  Not even Kamala Harris wants to stand next to Biden.  She is leaving town for a big trip to Asia to get the hell out of DC and as far away from Joe Biden as possible.  Harris certainly does not want her name associated with the mess in Afghanistan. 

Biden claimed there is no Al Qaeda left in Afghanistan only to be corrected by the State Department and Fake News.  Al Qaeda apparently is in 15 provinces of Afghanistan.  Biden claimed that the Taliban is giving safe passage to Americans and other trying to get to the airport only to be corrected by what we see on TV before our eyes and the Defense Department and the actual people themselves making contact with people outside the country begging for help.  

What is happening in Afghanistan is so indefensible that Fake News and other National Socialists are now even critical of Joe Biden for his incompetent mismanagement.  Biden is now down to a 49% approval rating and falling fast. Our allies in NATO are speaking out publicly against Joe Biden; though he denies it.  The problem is we have a 24 hour news cycle so everything his happening live right before our eyes.  Joe Biden is either a liar, or completely delusional because of his dementia or both. 

Afghanistan may go down as the biggest foreign policy failure in American history.  Heads need to roll in the Deep State for this mess including Biden's.  They must be FIRED and held accountable.  I only say "may" because as long as Joe Biden remains in office, there could be others yet to come.  This blogger has predicted that Biden will either be forced out of office one way or another in his first year in office and or have to resign for the Biden Crime Family corruption.  I stand by my prediction.  The long knives are out.  The Rats are jumping off the sinking ship.  Those feeding at the trough will not go down with Joe Biden if they can help it.  

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