Monday, August 16, 2021

The Biden Administration - Dangerous Fantasyland

The Biden Administration announced today that they will recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan provided they allow women the same rights as in America and they don't murder those that oppose them.  Really!  The Taliban are Islamic Fascist Terrorists who believe in the Koran as it was written around 600 by Mohammed.  That interpretation makes women third class citizens, really slaves, with no rights.  And, we know from experience that the Taliban beheads those that oppose them.  

Just wait, on September 11, the Taliban will have a ceremony at the American Embassy in Kabul that is now officially closed celebrating their defeat of the Great Satan, America.  Their goal is to say to other Islamic Fascist Terrorists to continue Jihad because eventually America will give up.  What ever happens, we should not give any taxpayer dollars to the Taliban whatever they do.  But not to worry, China, Russia and Iran have already recognized the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.  They will give the Taliban whatever they need to get them access to the minerals  of Afghanistan.  

I am waiting to see who in the US government in the Woke Military, CIA and State Department will be FIRED for the fiasco in Afghanistan.  We have wasted over two Trillion dollars.  We have spent billions building the Afghan military who just took off their uniforms and went home rather than fight the Taliban.  A lot of that money is sitting is Swiss bank accounts as those we bribed were among the most corrupt politicians and military leaders in the world next to Joe Biden.  Even worse, thousands of Americans were killed or wounded in the last 20 years fighting in Afghanistan and for what; NOTHING.  

And, then there is Joe Biden who told us just a few weeks ago that it would be impossible for the Taliban to take over.  Biden must resign.  Biden is the most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter; but at least Biden has dementia as his excuse.  Biden cannot possibly remain as Commander In Chief.  There are days when Biden doesn't even know who he is or where he is.  Biden got lost the other day just trying to find his entry to the White House.  Is is very sad; but also very dangerous.  

China, Russia, Iran and North Korea will test Joe Biden shortly.  It is already happening because they know that Joe Biden is weak and feckless.  We are in very dangerous times.  Let's just hope that Biden's handlers will be able to tell him what to do when the challenges come; but don't count on it because there is no gumption in the Biden Administration.  These are all very weak players, including current leaders of our woke military.  Where is President Trump when we need him.  

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