Tuesday, August 10, 2021

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns - Story Not Over

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been forced to resign in disgrace after 11 women charged him with sexual harassment, whether true or not. What is much worse is that Cuomo sent many people to their Covid deaths in Nursing homes.  Just a year ago as Cuomo held daily press conferences to discuss his response to Covid in New York, Cuomo was deemed a National Socialist super star.  Cuomo actually received an Emmy for his performances, which is pretty unbelievable.  No politician not even Obama ever received an Emmy for just doing his job.  Obama was awarded a Nobel prize for just being Obama; but that is another story. 

Cuomo did get a $5 million book deal when he was riding high.  Not sure what will come of that.  On the other hand a Tell All book could sell well.  People love scandals.  But here is a news flash.  Cuomo will remain in office for the next 14 days.  "For the good of New York" apparently Cuomo can pardon himself.  While a pardon is technically admitting guilt,  I am betting that Cuomo will pardon himself without admitting that he is guilty.  Matter of fact, he will say just the opposite.  This would end any criminal proceedings against him.  Not sure about civil proceedings these women may bring against him; but Cuomo does not need to worry about those because it will be the state of New York paying them off to end the lawsuits not Andrew Cuomo.  

Cuomo's political career is probably over; but so what.  The man is 63 years old.  Maybe he will become a artist like Hunter Biden.  There could be a market for Cuomo's art, who knows.  Though he technically owns no home, he can go live with his 89 year old mother, Matilda Cuomo in the big house in the suburbs with the pool.  I am sure his siblings will allow Andrew to live there as long as he wants and or if the home is sold at Mom's death, Cuomo will take his share and retire to Florida just like many other rich New Yorkers.  So this scandal ends a very long political career.   Bill Clinton did really well after his scandals, so why not Andrew Cuomo too.  The real question now is whether Chris Cuomo on Fake News CNN will survive all of this.  Betting maybe not.    

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