Monday, August 30, 2021

The War In Afghanistan Is Far From Over

Even though all of our military forces have left Afghanistan, the war is far from over.  We left behind several hundred Americans and about 80,000 Afghans and their families that worked with us in the last 20 years.  It is now estimated that another 500,000 Afghans will attempt to cross their borders to escape the country, which will create a huge refugee problem.  The Taliban is also holding one American hostage so far.  The fate of all these people remains to be seen.  The Biden Administration hopes to use "diplomacy" to get them out.   We are dealing with Terrorists who are likely to demand the billions of dollars we promised the past Afghan government before they will release these people.  So in essence, we have a huge hostage situation.  

So, let's see what we accomplished in 20 years of war.  The Taliban were in control when we invaded Afghanistan to kill Al Qaeda and other Terrorists.  We did kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, but we did not have to invade Afghanistan to do that.  We did kill some Al Qaeda and other Terrorists.  But as of today, the Taliban are back in control.  Afghanistan is infested with Al Qaeda and other Islamic Fascist Terrorists groups as was the case when we first invaded.  Afghanistan will once again be used by these Terrorists to plot murders in the United States and other allied countries.  

Only now they have $85 billion of sophisticated weapons we left behind, which will be used all over the world to murder Americans and our allies.  During the 20 year war about 2,500 Americans were killed and 20,000 were wounded.  Our allies lost about a 1,000 that were killed and many more wounded.  Thousands of Afghans that worked with us were killed.  And, we spent more than $2 Trillion trying to make Afghanistan a Western democracy.  And, for what?  We are right back where we started because of very poor decisions by our leaders.  

Our military as usual were heroes.  Our leaders at the Defense Department, State Department, CIA,  Congress and the Presidency, not so much.  The icing on the cake was Joe Biden's blunders that resulted in another 13 soldiers killed and about 20 wounded not to mention another 150 Afghans killed as we exited the country.  Joe Biden looked at his watch as he was welcoming home those 13 caskets.  Guess it was time for his nap.  

Let's hope we learned from this terrible debacle.  Never land troops in a quagmire.  Always use our air force to kill Islamic Fascist Terrorists where ever they are in the world.  That is the lesson that should come out of this Afghanistan fiasco.  And, heads need to role in the Deep State Swamp.  Many need to be FIRED for their poor decisions including Joe Biden.  

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