Tuesday, August 31, 2021

National Socialists January 6th Committee - Another Impeachment Circus

The National Socialists and a few RINOS are determined to hold the third Trump Impeachment trial because they are scared to death that Trump will run for President in 2024 and Win, assuming we have an honest election.  So now they are issuing subpoenas to get phone records of Republican members of Congress that support Trump and others that worked in the Trump administration, including Trump family members hoping they can prove some conspiracy that leads all the way to Trump himself as the organizer of the riot on January 6th at the Capitol.  Of course, it is all BS, particularly since the FBI has already concluded that no such conspiracy existed. 

The January 6th House Committee is just the third bogus Impeachment Trial.  Trump rallies where thousands of people show up are scaring the hell out of National Socialists, RINOS and the Deep State.  Half the country knows that Biden won by election fraud.  Of course, Fake News, Big Tech and the woke Deep State will cancel anyone that claims election fraud.  However, half the country could care less.  We saw what we saw.  There is no way senile Joe Biden got 80 million votes. 

So now we have a debacle in Afghanistan.  There really should be Congressional Investigations to determine whose heads need to roll at Defense, State, the CIA and in the Biden Administration including Joe Biden himself who should all be FIRED.  We need to see people FIRED, or forced to resign for 20 years of very bad decision in Afghanistan that have resulted in so many of our soldiers killed or wounded and wasting $2 Trillion only to turn the country back over to the very same Islamic Fascist Terrorists that we deposed 20 years ago.  

Clearly, many in the Deep State have to go for their failures.  Don't count on it because they all protect each other feeding at the trough; but the American people will vote in 22 and 24 to express their displeasure with the Establishment.  When President Trump is reelected in 24 he can say, You Are All FIRED.  Counting the days to have a competent President once more.  

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