Sunday, August 22, 2021

Trump Rallies - The Deep State Is Terrified

There are probably no politicians today other than President Trump that can attract 30,000 or more people at a rally as he just did once again in Alabama and it terrifies the Deep State.  Woke Fake News, the National Socialists, RINOS, Big Tech,  Military Brass, public employee unions and the largest companies in the country have all tried to cancel President Trump and they have failed miserably.  Half the country still believes that there was significant election fraud in 2020 and that is the reason incompetent, feckless Joe Biden was elected.  

President Trump is clearly not going away particularly as Joe Biden continues to make a mess of everything he touches.  I believe that Biden will be gone by the end of his first 12 months in office.  Biden will by forced out of office one way or another and or he will have resign for his Biden Crime Family corruption.  We should all fear what could happen now that Afghanistan has been turned over to the Taliban.  In essence, until all Americans and our allies and Afghans that worked with us are out of Afghanistan, we essentially have a huge hostage situation.  Biden currently has no plan to deal with all of this happening on the ground before our eyes on TV.  

And, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and the Drug Cartels are all watching a weak and feckless Joe Biden.  We should all fear that any of these countries will do something stupid.  China could attack Taiwan.  Russia could move into Ukraine.  North Korea could attack South Korea.  Iran could fire missiles on Saudi Arabia or Israel.  If any of these things happen, Biden will be pushed aside and our military would have to respond.  Further, the Drug Cartels could increase even more the invasion happening at our border.  Joe Biden is not prepared to deal with any of these potential crisis's.  This is really a dangerous time for our country.

So, President Trump gets to say I told you so on a daily basis because Biden is so incompetent.  And, this is all happening at a pivotal time related to the 2022 elections.  There is a very good chance that Republicans will take over both the House of Representatives and the Senate to effectively end the Biden Harris Presidency.  And, it could not happen soon enough.  The Deep State is terrified of Donald Trump and the half the country that supports him.  They hoped they got rid of Trump when they stole the election from him.  

Just the opposite has occurred.  Even the FBI now admits that the January 6th riot at the Capitol was not a Trump organized event.  This recent revelation takes the wind out of the Deep State sails related to the riot at the Capitol that they hoped to play on for months.  That circus is over.  The Deep State has made Trump stronger.  We can't wait until 2022 and 2024 to take back our country.  

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