Saturday, August 28, 2021

Woke Military Generals & Admirals Must Be FIRED

President Eisenhower, who was a General and the Supreme Allied Commander who defeated Nazi Germany, warned of the military industrial complex.  Once Eisenhower became President, he saw the collusion that exists between the Brass in the Pentagon, Members of Congress and Military Arms Contractors.  It is no accident that there are military bases in just about every state in the country and production of all sorts of armaments, parts, planes, ships, tanks etc in most states.  There is big money and corruption in the Defense of our country.

And, now the Generals and Admirals who make big bucks running it all have figured out the they have to be woke to keep their jobs with all the benefits that come with them.  Even the wives are called Mrs. General because they too are feeding at the trough.  The Deep State, which includes the military industrial complex hated President Trump, even though he increased defense spending because he saw the game in the Swamp.  

Trump asked questions, which they did not want to answer because as a business man he saw the waste, fraud and abuse.  The US Military today is in over 150 countries.  The question is why?  The answer is more jobs for the Generals and Admirals who love wars because it is the basis for their promotions and the big bucks that they earn.  Certainly, all the players tied to the military industrial complex love wars because wars provide them billions of dollars every year.  

The only losers in all of this are American taxpayers and the grunts who end up on the front line dead or wounded.  At this point, Woke Generals and Admirals who caused the fiascos in the Middle East and Afghanistan should be FIRED.  That will not happen as long as feckless, feeble Biden is in office; but if Trump is reelected, their days will be numbered and they know it, which is why they will do anything and everything to keep Trump out of a second term.   

Fortunately, the American people will make that decision unless of course we have election fraud in 2024 like we did in 2020.   The National Socialists are doing everything they can to pass laws insuring fraud like they did in 20.   They are pushing for unsolicited mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, no voter ID and other measures that are the way they won in 2020.  Believe me, Joe Biden did not receive 80 million legitimate votes.  2024 will be a critical election.  If there is fraud again, our democracy is over.  Then all bets are off.  

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