Thursday, August 26, 2021

Biden - Old, Weak, Feeble, Pathetic

Joe Biden came before the world after 13 of our soldiers were killed and many were wounded in a Terrorist attack in Kabul to say very little.  More than 100 Afghans were killed by this Terrorist attack, as well.  What we saw was an old, weak, feeble and pathetic man who is not fit to be President and Commander In Chief.   We must grieve for the families of many who have lost loved ones because of Biden's poor decisions.  Biden trusted the Taliban to protect our people in Afghanistan, which proves he is incompetent.  In the dumbest move ever implemented by any administration, what is even worse is that Bidenistas have given the Taliban a list of Americans and Afghans we want to evacuate.  Unless those people are able to leave, this list will become a hostage and or kill list. 

Biden, the moron that he is has the blood of those killed and wounded on his hands.  What we are seeing happen in Afghanistan is one of the most disgraceful times in American history; maybe The most disgraceful; but them Biden remains in office to screw things up even more so things could get even worse as many call for Biden's resignation.  

There are still thousands of Americans, allies and Afghans who helped us that are still stuck in Afghanistan.  They are not getting out by August 31.  Shortly, we are going to see the biggest hostage crisis in world history.   The Terrorists will hold Americans and our partners hostage demanding money to free them.  Or, they will kill them by beheading.  Just wait and see. 

Biden should have given the Taliban an ultimatum.  We need to retake Bagram Airforce Base and we need to secure a corridor to get our people and those who supported them to that base.  If the Taliban did anything to stop that, the cruise missiles and bombs needed to rain down on them including killing their leaders.  Joe Biden needs to resign, or be removed from office using the 25th Amendment.  Not that Quemala Harris is much better and she is a laughing hyena; but at least she does not have dementia. 

Joe Biden does not have the mental capabilities to remain as President.  Watching Biden on television  is painful and demonstrates just how far gone he really is.  Joe Biden has to go for the good of our country.  Biden is a clear and present danger to our nation.  One way or another, he must be replaced.  Resignation, Removal or Impeachment.  

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