Friday, August 13, 2021

Afghanistan - Biden's Vietnam

After spending more than Two Trillion dollars in Afghanistan and losing 2,500 American lives with 20,000 wounded, Joe Biden's decision to pull out abruptly is resulting in the Taliban taking over the country.  Experts predict that within 90 days, we will need the helicopters in Kabul, the capital to evacuate as many people as we can the same as did in the last days of Vietnam.   I suspect we will even have to evacuate the American embassy.  

When President Trump began negotiations with the Taliban, he made it very clear that if they did not negotiate in good faith,  we would eliminate their leaders most likely by drone attacks.  Joe Biden is clearly incompetent and we see the end result.  However, in fairness, this is another example of not learning the lessons of Vietnam from Bush II, through Obama, Trump and now Biden.  Nation building never works.  Trump understood it, while other Presidents never got the point.  

Supposedly, we trained the Afghan military to defend their country.  Really!  Without our air support, they are running and hiding allowing the Taliban to take over city after city.  You can bet that billions of dollars we gave the Afghanistan government went into the Swiss bank accounts of their leaders including their military leaders.  Afghanistan is one of the most corrupt places on earth.  We knew it; but the money kept flowing in bribes.

It was right to attack Afghanistan after 9/11, since it was Osama Bin Laden's base of operations.  But, we never should have landed troops in this hell hole.   It was right to hunt down Bin Laden and other Terrorist leaders to take them out, the same way Trump did while he was President.  Sadly, the Taliban will now murder anyone left in the country that may have worked with us.  They will subjugate women and girls again because their orthodox fanatical faith in Islam demands it.   The Taliban does not care about international opinion, or being part of the Club.  These Terrorists are brutal murderers.  Iran and China will give them whatever they need to stay in power.  It is very sad day for our country.  Thank You Joe Biden.  

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