Friday, August 20, 2021

Joe Biden Is Pathetic And Must Resign

As though the crisis on our border is not bad enough with the unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens happening daily, now the evacuation from Afghanistan has turned into a nightmare for Americans and for thousands of Afghani's still in the country that worked with us for the last 20 years who will be murdered and raped by the Taliban if left behind. 

In essence, we have a hostage situation worse than what occurred with Jimmy Carter and Iran because those trying to flee can't make it to the airport in Kabul.  The Taliban is not letting them through.  They are calling out frantically to anyone they know in the United States and other countries to help them.  So instead of asserting American military power, feckless Biden is leaving their fate to the murderous Taliban.  In speaking to the world, Biden should have made clear to Taliban leaders in no uncertain terms that if they did not immediately insure safe passage to the airport that they personally would suffer the same fate as other Terrorists; namely swift death by drones.   Further, the United States military should retake control of Bagram Air Force base to create another point of evacuation.  

Biden should also have made it very clear that we are not leaving Afghanistan until every single American and peoples of other countries, as well as, Afghani's that worked with us have left the country no matter how long it takes.  Biden's inability to communicate a clear message of power and strength puts the lives of all these people essentially being held hostage at risk.  Joe Biden is pathetic and should resign immediately and or be impeached,  Biden is just not up to the job.  Biden's early onset dementia is obvious.  Not that Kamala Harris would be much better, but is clear that Biden has to go.  And, for those that voted for Joe Biden, how is that working for you now.  

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