Monday, August 16, 2021

Biden, US Military, CIA & State Department Leaders Must Be Fired

Just a few weeks ago, feckless Joe Biden told us that there was no way that the Taliban could ever take over Afghanistan because we developed their army and air force with 300,000 soldiers and the Taliban only had 75,000 Terrorists.  Really!  The Taliban is now in charge of the country.  They are in control.  They have declared the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.   They will immediately implement Sharia law to terrorize their people including women and girls that are often married off to their soldiers as young as 11 years old and raped.  Those Afghani's who worked with us in the last 20 years, if captured, before we can get them out of the country will be beheaded.  

This is a tragedy.  We have spent more than 2 trillion dollars trying to turn Afghanistan into a democracy.  We have spent billions creating their military.  The end result is that rather than fight the Taliban,  soldiers in the Afghan army and airforce just took off their uniforms and went home.  The Taliban now has billions of dollars of state of the art equipment that they can use to terrorize their people.  Their leaders including the former President of Afghanistan, who just met with Joe Biden a few weeks ago in the White House, have fled the country.  You can bet there are billions of dollars in their Swiss bank accounts because these leaders were completely corrupt and we knew it.  

Sadly, thousands of Americans were killed or wounded in this war in the last 20 years and for NOTHING.  President Trump has called on Joe Biden to resign.  However, he is not the only incompetent buffoon that needs to go.  The top woke brass of our military and leaders at the CIA and State Department need to be FIRED.  They failed to even see this Taliban train coming, or if they did see it coming they did nothing to stop it.  We have abandoned our embassy in Kabul.  The American flag has been taken down and is being shipped home to prevent desecration.  It is disgraceful.  

The lesson learned from Vietnam is that we should only use air power to destroy our enemies.  It was right to go after the Taliban and Al Qaeda after 9/11.  It was right to fight and kill Osama Bin Laden and to kill other Terrorists using drones.  But we should never, never have landed troops in that forsaken land in an attempt to nation build.  It never works.  It is a very sad day for our country.  What a complete waste of money and lives.  Just wait, we will have to bomb Afghanistan because Al Qaeda will be back.  Joe Biden must resign.  Biden cannot remain as Commander In Chief given his dementia.  

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