Friday, August 13, 2021

Secretary Majorkas Admits Our Border With Mexico Has Collapsed

Joe Biden has decided to take a vacation while crisis happen all around him.  The Taliban are taking over Afghanistan, which will mean ruthless murders of those who worked with us and rape of young girls.  Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the BS artist in charge of Homeland Security just admitted that the border with Mexico has collapsed as thousands of illegal aliens, including unaccompanied minors invade our country every day.  The border patrol is overwhelmed.  We have no place to put these people many of whom have Covid, so they are just being released into our country.  

These illegal aliens are being given bus or airline tickets to go to various parts of the country.  Catholic Charities and other organizations are unintentionally working with the Cartels and Human Smugglers to get these poor people to our border.  Our government is paying these charities billions of dollars to do something with these people invading our country.  Who knows maybe the Cartels are giving them "donations" in Mexico and Central America to help get these illegal aliens to the border.  Nothing would surprise me.  The Catholic Church is replacing donations lost from many Conservative Catholics, that have left the Church because they can't stand Communist Pope Francis, with US government money.  

We have a growing crisis on our border that is getting worse by the day.  And, Joe Biden fiddles while the border and many other parts of the world burn.  Biden is the most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter.  Clearly, Biden has early onset dementia and it is getting worse.  Biden's handlers are running the country.  And, what a mess they are making.  American military brass and the intelligence agencies have gone woke.  Many of them should be fired for the mess they are leaving behind in Afghanistan.  

We are in very dangerous times.  China is a serious military and economic threat to our country.  Biden approving the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany was about as dumb as it gets.  Russia will earn billions of dollars a year from that pipeline, which they will put into their military and nuclear weapons.  Aside from the lost American jobs that will come from this stupid, stupid decision, it is a serious national security threat.  If he does not resign soon for health reasons, Joe Biden should be impeached for failing to protect our nation and so many other things.  

The Biden Crime Family continues to profit from the Presidency.  Hunter Biden's "paintings" at $500,000 a piece are nothing short of bribes with 10% going to the "big guy", Joe Biden.  Further, China owns Joe Biden, which is the reason we don't see Biden confronting China.  Besides, Biden is just too weak to confront anyone.  Gosh, we miss President Trump more and more everyday.  

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