Saturday, August 7, 2021

American Medical Association Is Sick

The American Medical Association apparently composed of National Socialist left wing woke doctors has declared that birth certificates should have no reference to male or female because everybody can eventually choose whichever sex they want to be.  Really!  The American College of Pediatricians (baby doctors) legitimately says otherwise.  The fact is that babies are born both biologically and visually as either male or female.  Babies either have boy parts or girl parts.  To say otherwise disputes the facts.

The AMA is plain and simple crazy.  While some gay people claim they knew they were gay as young children, the fact is that sexual orientation probably does not begin to formalize until puberty when boys and girls start to feel attraction either to the opposite or same sex.  It is then and probably only then that someone can say that they are either hetero or homo sexual; though if someone has those feelings earlier, so be it.

Most important, under no circumstances should any doctor be permitted to implement a sex change operation on young children at the insistence of their parents.  That should be illegal.  Only an adult should make decisions concerning their physical sexual orientation because it is a life altering process.  Certainly, nobody should have a sex change operation before 18 years old and even then waiting longer would be better to be sure it is the right decision.  

Finally, telling a little boy or girl, they can be any sex they want to be in Kindergarten or at any school age should not be happening.  First, it is not the role of the school particularly when half the nation's kids cannot read or do math at grade level.  Schools should focus on teaching tolerance in the broader sense related to all peoples with any kinds of differences.  And, certainly no type of bullying should be tolerated.  This is particularly a problem at the junior high level when kids can be brutal related to other kids with any type of difference.   

The next time I see my doctor, I will be asking if he is a member of the AMA.  And if he is, be assured he will get an ear full from me.   The AMA has lost its way on many issues.  This birth certificate issue is just the latest example of organization malfeasance.  

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