Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Secret Service - Heads Need To Roll

While this Blogger is quite sure that the Secret Service foils many plots to harm the President and his family, along with other government officials that we never hear about,  unfortunately, some very high profile incidents have come to light that have severely damaged the credibility of the Secret Service.   No matter how much anyone dislikes Obama and lets face it that is now more than half the country, there are only a few appropriate ways to get rid of him; Impeachment, which may be warranted, Resignation, which would be great, natural death and finally the end of his Presidency on January 20, 2017.   Since this Blogger is assuming that none of the other things are likely to happen, I am just counting the days until the end of Obama's Presidency.   Assassination in a Democracy is not an option. 

No doubt, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year to protect the President and his family and it is warranted given the potential threats that are real. So, how on earth is someone with a knife able to jump the fence at the White House, cross the lawn, which must be at least a few acres, walk right in the front door and make it far inside the building without Secret Service detection.   Just imagine if this intruder had been a suicide bomber, which given the Terrorist threat we face, is not far fetched.  In addition, in 2011 seven bullets were fired at the White House and hit the Truman Balcony walls and windows.  A White House house keeper discovered the damage caused by these bullets four days later.  Eventually, the perpetrator was caught, but how is it possible that the Secret Service was not immediately in the loop.  Finally, we just learned that the President was just in an elevator in Atlanta with a gun carrying convicted felon who supposedly was a security guard.   How the hell is any of this possible.   Four American Presidents have been assassinated; well others have suffered attempted assassinations.   Especially today with the Terrorist threat we face, the Secret Service must be more diligent than ever. 

Clearly, the Secret Service, like many government agencies, has failed to do their job.  There was also the incident with the prostitutes and the Secret Service in Central America; but at least that did not involve the President's safety.  It was just inappropriate and stupid.  This Blogger keeps asking the question, when do government employees who fail to do their jobs and or act illegally get FIRED.   This is another Federal Government Scandal; not caused by Obamanistas; but certainly as bad as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, the Veterans Affairs Mess and the NSA spying on all Americans, which were all caused by Obamanistas.   

HEADS NEED TO ROLL in this case at the Secret Service.  At a minimum, those who directly dropped the ball should be FIRED.  It may also be time to replace the Julia Pierson, Director of the Secret Service to clean house from the top down.  It does not matter if we happen to have a naive and incompetent President as is the case with Obama, the safety of the President and his family is critical to our nation.  The Secret Service dropped the ball.  HEADS NEED TO ROLL.   

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