Monday, September 22, 2014

Attacking ISIS Islamic Fascists In Syria

Finally, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has put on his big boy pants, as Commander In Chief, to attack ISIS Islamic Fascists in Syria.   It appears that there may be other Arab countries assisting with the air attack, which is really good.   We do need to have a better understanding of their involvement to see if it is real, or just symbolic.  Turkey has yet to commit, presumably because ISIS is holding more than 45 Turkish hostages.  But, what is going to be the end to this confusing story. 

By attacking ISIS in Syria, which we must do to stop them in Iraq and around the world, we are actually helping brutal Syrian Dictator Bashir Assad, who we oppose.  The notion that somehow the so called Moderate Syrian Army, which we are now training and supplying to the tune of $500 million American taxpayer dollars, can defeat either Assad, or ISIS in Syria, is pretty doubtful.  A lot of this money is likely to end up in a Swiss Bank Account given the corruption in the Middle East.  It looks like Assad is the big winner in this deal, since we are helping to destroy his mortal enemy.   Then what?

And, this puts us on the side of Russia and Iran that both support Assad.   All of this is actually very confusing.  I guess it is the notion that the friend of my enemy is my friend.  After all, we were allied with the Communist Soviet Union in World War II to fight and destroy Nazi Germany and Japan.  In essence, we worked with one evil empire to destroy another evil empire and then ended up in a Cold War for more than 50 years with the Soviet Union.  Further, in order to buy Iran's assistance to destroy ISIS, the price is likely to be a nuclear Iran.  That would not be good; but don't be surprised if it doesn't happen. 

The outcome of all of this is very uncertain.   There is a good likelihood that American "boots on the ground" will be required to really destroy ISIS.   We may actually have to work with other Arab nations to occupy Syria, which would be a real hornet's nest.  The answer to all of this is Energy Independence for the United States so that we could tell all of these oil rich countries in the Middle East to pound sand.  Until then, we are stuck dealing with this big mess in the Islamic world because we cannot allow Terrorists to prevail. 

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