Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Obama's Plan To Deal With The Ebola Epidemic

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has put forth a plan to deal the Ebola Epidemic in Africa.   Most if it makes sense since the last thing we want is for the Ebola Virus to spread to other parts of the world, including the US.  However, in addition to sending Americans to African nations to care for the sick, Obama is also sending 3,000 American troops, or boots on the ground, to deal with logistics.  No doubt, some of these Americans will come down with the disease no matter how careful they are and be flown back to the US for treatment.  So far, we have seen a few cases successfully treated in the US, however, this Virus continue to change, so who knows what strains may exist in the future and whether they will be treatable.  

In addition, Obama wants to divert at least $500 million from existing Defense Department programs, which have already been cut, to implement his Ebola plan.  This is coming at a time when Obama presumably has declared war on Islamic Fascists in Iraq and Syria.  Obama is requesting $500 million from Congress for that fight.  We are broke.  Our $17.5 Trillion National Debt continues to grow with no end in sight.  Obama is always saying that the "International Community" should be used to deal with global problems.  So where are they? 

Why not ask oil rich countries and China making billions of dollars every day from doing business with the US to foot the bill, not only for the fight against Ebola, but also ISIS.   Clearly, the US is always taken for a sucker.  Yes, it is in our interest to deal with the Ebola Epidemic; but it should be in every country's interest.  Why is it always us borrowing money from China and other countries, adding to our National Debt, to pay for all these initiatives, rather than rich countries that have plenty of our money paying for these things.   We must demand that these countries pay their "fair share", a phrase Obamanistas always use related to American taxpayers.  It is about time other countries pay their fair share to defend their countries from common enemies and diseases.   We can't do it all.   

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