Thursday, September 25, 2014

Liar Attorney General Eric Holder Resigns

Liar Attorney General Eric Holder has announced his resignation.  Holder should have been FIRED for malfeasance; but a resignation to get rid of him is better than nothing.   Holder went before Congress and committed perjury on numerous occasions; hence he was held in Contempt of Congress.   Holder claims all these bad things have happened to him and Obama because they are both Black; baloney.   When the Chief Law Enforcement officer of the United States commits perjury, the color of his skin is irrelevant, perjury that makes him or her a LIAR; plain and simple. 

Holder is the most Political Attorney General since John Mitchell in the Nixon Administration.   Mitchell went to jail because of  his involvement in Watergate; the same way Holder should be going to jail because of his involvement in various Obama Scandals.  Holder is guilty of obstruction of justice concerning Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS Dirty Tricks and Veterans Affairs Scandals and the NSA spying on all Americans.   There should have been Special Prosecutors appointed related to all of these Scandals; but of course, Holder, an Obama crony and minion would never do it because if the truth be told many of these Scandals would lead all the way to the White House.   Holder has just been playing out the clock hoping that he can get these Scandals to the end of the Obama Presidency, which can't come to soon.

Now when it comes time to confirm a new Attorney General, Republicans should demand that a Special Prosecutor be appointed specifically related to the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal as a condition of appointment.  However, Senator Dirty Harry Reid will ram through another Obama crony using the nuclear option, only 51 votes needed to confirm another Obama political operative after the November election; but before the seating of a new Congress in January.  Reid will do this with the votes of lame duck Socialist Senators who will lose in November.  Further, Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton is "consulting" with the President as to a new appointment.  Just imagine the discussion. 

Republicans should use every maneuver they can to stop this process from happening, particularly if they gain control of the Senate so that they can demand a Special Prosecutor related to the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal.  It is time to get to the bottom of many of these Scandals and for the guilty to go to jail.  Holder himself should be going to jail, rather than collecting a hefty pension, which will come from his 26 years in government and the ability to go on the Speaker circuit earning $50,000 - $100,000 a speech.   Holder is a liar.  Liars should never prosper. 

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