Wednesday, September 24, 2014

China Tells Obama To Suck Smog

Naive and incompetent Socialist President Pinocchio Obama asked China to curb its carbon emissions since China is now the largest producer of green house gases in the world.  China told Obama To Suck Smog.  This Blogger has been to China and I can attest that the pollution and smog in Beijing and other major cities in China is horrific.  You would think that the Chinese government would care about the health of their people.  But the reality is that all the Chinese Communists care about is getting rich, while their people literally suffocate to death.

China brings on one new coal plant a week to provide for their electricity needs.  They are building nuclear facilities, as well, without any particular regard to the potential danger, if there is any.   The fact is that with more than a billion Chinese, life is cheap in China.  The Chinese government wants Western countries to shoulder all the burden of curbing carbon emissions even though there is nothing that Western countries can do to curb emissions that would match the emissions coming out of China and India. 

Yet, the environmental wackos in the US and Europe keep pushing for carbon taxes and job killing regulations that are hurting Western economies.  How stupid can these Socialist politicians be.   We need clean, safe and cheap energy to maintain a high standard of living.  Socialist Schemes in Western Countries designed to curb carbon emissions, when both China and India will not do the same, just means more job loss and a lower standard of living for our people.   It is time for Obama and other Western leaders to stand up to China and push back.  If they won't curb their emissions, why on earth should Western countries do anything that would harm Western economies,  particularly since it can make no difference anyway.

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