Sunday, September 28, 2014

Obama Starting To Sound Like George W. Bush - It Is About Time

Obamanistas, including Socialist Members of Congress, spent the first six years of the Obama Presidency blaming George W. Bush for all the failures of the Obama Administration.  In particular, Obama ran in 2008 claiming that Bush II had made a mess of our foreign policy.   Obama and his minions, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were going to "reboot" our relations with other countries, including Russia and the Muslim world.   Obama did his famous apology tour shortly after taking office, speaking in the Middle East, blaming America for all the world's problems.   Obama extended his hand to radical Islamic Fascists and they spit in his face.

The end result is the ISIS threat that we face in Iraq, Syria and around the world along with Al Queda and other Terrorist groups that are new to the scene.  Until now, Obama would not utter the words Terrorist and Islam in the same breath.  Sadly, Obama today cannot deny reality.  Obama is now officially a war time President facing up to these Islamic Fascists with the intention of destroying them, or so he says.   The intelligence reports Obama is getting must be pretty bad for this weak and naive President to finally act like the Commander In Chief in office to protect the United States and our people. 

It is as through Obama is channelling George W. Bush.  Everything Obama criticized Bush for doing in reference to dealing with Terrorism, Obama is now forced to do.   Who would have thought that Obama would bomb Syria; yet what choice does he have given the ISIS take over of a big chuck of both Syria and Iraq.  Secretary of State John Kerry recently claimed that Baghdad, with the largest US Embassy in the world, was on the verge of collapse, with ISIS just 60 miles outside Baghdad.  

Obama has put together a coalition; not as good as the ones that both Bush I and Bush II did to deal with the first and second Iraq wars; but better than nothing.  While we don't yet see shock and awe related to aerial bombing, it is coming.   And Yes, we already have boots on the ground in Iraq.  There are about 2,000 American soldiers on the ground in Iraq; plus the others under the CIA banner that are not acknowledged.   More will be necessary to destroy ISIS, even if Obama is able to get other Muslim Sunni Countries to put their forces on the ground. 

Osama Bin Laden is dead; but Terrorism is alive and well and a bigger threat to our country than before 9/11 thanks to Obama's poor leadership.   Obama is seeing the intelligence reports that must be dire, which have made it imperative that the President act the very same way George W. Bush did to combat the Islamic Fascist evil that exists in the world.   So where are the Socialist Bush haters in the lame stream left wing media that criticized Bush for the very same things Obama is doing today.   The answer is no where to be heard or found.  Obama is doing his job.  Let's just hope Obama has the courage and the tenacity to really fight this war because Americans will die if we don't destroy this ISIS threat.   We can't let that happen no matter what it takes to defeat ISIS.    

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