Saturday, September 27, 2014

$500 Million US Taxpayer Dollars Going To The Free Syrian Army

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and the US Congress have approved giving $500 million in aid, training, equipment etc. to the free Syrian Army, presumably to fight ISIS, Islamic Fascists in Syria.  These are the same people that Obama discounted just a few months ago by calling them doctors and pharmacists.   Whatever they are, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel admitted that there is no Free Syrian Army Leader, just yet.  Of course, now that we have put $500 million on the table, you can bet that a leader will emerge eager to put some of that money in a Swiss bank account, which is usually what happens with aid we provide in the Middle East to Arabs.  Sorry; but it is what is it and everybody knows it.   The corruption in these countries is legend.

Most important, the Free Syrian Army is estimated to have about 5,000 soldiers.  Syrian Dictator Bashir Assad's armed forces are significantly larger.  Even ISIS is estimated to have 30,000 - 40,000 soldiers and that number is growing.   So what the hell is this Free Syrian Army going to do with our taxpayer dollars.  Most likely, any equipment we give them will end up in ISIS hands in short order, much the same as has occurred in Iraq. 

And, the Free Syrian Army is supposed to be composed of "moderate" Muslims.   Really?  Does the Free Syrian Army recognize Israel's right to exist.   Will they sign a treaty with Israel now to that effect.  If so, I am sure that Israel would be happy to provide overt, or covert support to help them get rid of both Assad and ISIS.   That would probably also mean giving up rights to the Golan Heights for some period of time, Syrian territory captured by the Israeli's in one of the many wars Israel fought with the Arabs.  The Golan Heights is strategic positioning from which Israel can easily be shelled, which is the reason Israel has never given back this land.  

If there was genuine peace between Israel and Syria, the same as exists between Jordan, Egypt and Israel, at some point the Golan Heights could be given back to Syria; but this assumes Syrian recognition of Israel's right to exist.   Syria would also have to stop supporting Terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas for there to be real peace in the region.   So, is the free Syrian Army prepared to agree to all these things as a condition for getting $500 million taxpayer dollars.  If not, what the hell are we doing.    

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