Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watch The Election in Minnesota In 2014

Socialist Senator Al Franken and former comedian may be in trouble in Minnesota because of Obama's unpopularity and a strong challenge from long time, successful Minnesota businessman Mike Mcfadden.  This Blogger has met McFadden and I can say he is a very attractive candidate with center to right Conservative views.   Franken, who only won by a few hundred contested votes in a recount six years ago, was and is a clown.  Of course, the people of Minnesota have elected clowns before and they may do it again.  But this election year could be different.  Perhaps common sense will prevail.  Mike Mcfadden is closing the gap in this heavily Socialist Blue State. 

If by some chance Mike Mcfadden pulls it off, it will be a wave election for Republicans.  They not only would take the Senate and gain seats in the House, they could do so by big margins.  President Pinocchio Obama is so unpopular in all Red states and even in some Blue states, that assuming Republicans don't screw it up, which is always possible, they could win big in November 2014.  It would help if Republicans put forth a pro growth plan for governing that includes corporate and personal tax reform to keep more jobs in the US, Immigration Reform that starts with securing the border, an alternative to ObamaCare that actually brings down the cost of health care and a strong military to deal with Terrorism.   We also need to see a road to a balanced budget that will end deficit spending and pay down our National Debt to get our fiscal house in order.

ObamaCare medical insurance premium increases are coming in October just before the election unless of course the Socialists threaten the insurance companies into silence.  This in addition to a lousy economy and a world on fire could cause American voters to turn away from Socialists in droves even in some blue states like Minnesota and Iowa.  If that happens, the Socialists will take another shellacking like they did in 2012 and the Obama Presidency will effectively be over; Thank God.  Then it would be on to 2016 to take back the Presidency to get our country moving again.   We then can confine the Obama years to the ash heap of history where they belong.  A Conservative Republican President could reverse many of Obama's damaging Executive Orders to get back to limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulation to create economic growth and jobs again in America.    It certainly will not happen if Socialists are reelected; that's for sure.     

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