Monday, September 15, 2014

Benghazi Cover Up By Clintonistas

We know now that documents were scrubbed concerning the Benghazi Scandal by Clintonistas at the State Department, rather than turning them over to Congress, to protect Hillary Clinton.   Remember, it was Clinton who said "what difference did it make" concerning the phony story that the murder of four Americans, including our Ambassador, were caused by an inflamed crowd over a video portraying Mohammad in a bad light.   That was all B--L S--T.   The attack on our Consulate was well orchestrated by Terrorists having nothing to do with this video. 

Where was both Hillary Clinton and President Pinocchio Obama while Benghazi was happening.   We know that Obama was on a plane to Las Vegas to attend a campaign fundraiser, as usual.  But what did Hillary know and when did she know it while Benghazi was happening over a 13 hour period.  And, who was it at the CIA and or State Department that gave the CIA operatives at the Benghazi Compound the orders to stand down, rather than attempt to save the lives of those who were murdered.  Fortunately, they disobeyed orders otherwise the murders and carnage would have been even greater. 

Obviously, Hillary Clinton is running for President.  The last thing Clintonistas wanted was Hillary Clinton's reputation damaged by her action, or inaction during the attack on our Consultate in Benghazi.  We do know that when the Ambassador requested more security from the State Department, weeks or months before, it was denied by the State Department.  No one has been fired as a result of the Benghazi Scandal; but that is nothing new.   Malfeasance in the federal government often gets rewarded by promotions and more money as pay off's to silence those involved.  Hillary Clinton's hands are not clean related to Benghazi.  Perhaps now the truth will finally be told. 

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