Thursday, September 18, 2014

Obama & Boots On The Ground

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has boxed himself in with all this talk about Boots On The Ground.  Obama has declared that he will not put combat Boots On The Ground in Iraq.  First, no President should give away his game plan.  That is Commander in Chief 101.  This Blogger keeps saying that Obama is a smart stupid man and this is just another example of Obama's inexperience and incompetence.  Obama should rule nothing out, even the implementation of all out war to destroy Islamic Fascists in Iraq and Syria.  

Besides, Obama has sent about 1,600 soldiers to Iraq and many more will follow out of necessity, if the goal is to destroy ISIS.  What the hell are they wearing; ballet slippers.   Supposedly, these soldiers who carry heavy weapons are only there to train the Iraqi Army and for logistical support.  Does this mean that if the Terrorists fire at them that they would not fire back.  Ridiculous!   These soldiers are Boots On The Ground.

Obama has also sent 3000 soldiers to Africa, in harms way, including facing both the Ebola virus and Terrorists in North Africa that would do anything to murder our soldiers there on a humanitarian mission.   Let us hope that these soldiers, as Boots On The Ground, are carrying heavy weapons because they will need them.  We don't need to see another massacre of our soldiers, sleeping in the barracks, as occurred in Lebanon, or Saudi Arabia years ago.

Obama should stop talking about Boots On The Ground.  The President has sent soldiers in harms way.   Our soldiers in Iraq should have shoot to kill orders if they face Islamic Fascists.  And, our soldiers in Africa, or any place else in the world, when confronted by Terrorists should have the same orders.   Obama has made such a mess of things that no country in the world trusts him.  That is the reason, as Obama is leading from behind, that we really have no coalition partners fighting with us in Iraq or Syria.   All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 when Obama leaves office so that hopefully then we will have a real Commander In Chief.  Until then, our country and our people face grave danger.    

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