Friday, September 5, 2014

IRS Dirty Tricks Cover Up All The Way To The White House

The IRS Dirty Tricks Cover Up, coordinated by Obamanistas at the IRS and the Justice Department is far worse than anything that ever happened with Watergate, which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.   Now we learn that there is another character in this drama, a man by the name of Andrew Strelka, who worked for Lois Lerner, the Director at the IRS who ordered the targeting of Tea Party and other Conservative groups.   Strelka went on to work for the Justice Department and the White House after his stint at the IRS.  Now Strelka is no where to be found.  Strelka is not dead; but is apparently being hidden by Liar Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department from Congressional inquiry. 

We have seven IRS officials in this Scandal whose computer hard drives crashed so their email trail is missing.   What a coincidence huh?   This Blogger has had access to computers since 1985 and never experienced a hard drive crash; but suddenly in the middle of this IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal all of these computers, tied to the cast of characters in this drama crashed and there supposedly is no back up, which is just plain baloney.  All computers are backed up.  That is just B--L  S--T.   It is so clear that Obamanistas are just trying to play out the clock because it is clear that this Scandal leads all the way to the White House. 

The infamous question applies in this Scandal.   What did the President and Attorney General know and when did they know it.  It is looking like this Scandal goes all the way to the President and the Attorney General.  Oh what a tangled web they weave when these Socialists practice to deceive.   The IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal is an IMPEACHABLE offense.  It is very clear that Obamanistas violated the Constitution and the law.   So, just who is going to jail.   As usual, the answer will be no one as Obamanistas implement the greatest Cover Up since Watergate.   

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