Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Obama Declares Islamic Fascists A "Managemable Problem"

Socialist President Obama must be suffering from schizophrenia, the split personality syndrome.  In one speech, Obama said we have to destroy ISIS, the Islamic Fascists terrorizing Iraq and Syria.   Just a few minutes later, Obama said that Islamic Fascists could be dealt with as a "manageable problem".  Is it any wonder that our enemies are emboldened and our allies do not trust Obama to live up to our treaty obligations.  The Baltic countries must be scared to death.   

What the hell is this President talking about.  It is pretty obvious that Obama is clueless.  Even some in his own Socialist Party and the left wing lame stream media, like Chris Matthews on MSNBC, are starting to criticize Obama for his feckless, weak and naive foreign policy.   People, including Americans, are dying because of Obama inability to make decisions and take action. 

Obama better stop thinking out loud and stick to the script that somebody else writes for him.   Ambiguity in foreign policy is dangerous.   We see the mess Obama has caused around the world.   Terrorism is on the rise all over the world.  North Africa and the Middle East are a mess.   There is war in the middle of Europe as Russia has invaded Ukraine.  China is taking over islands that belong to other nations in the South China Sea.  Somehow Obama thinks this stuff is all normal and exacerbated by social media.   This Blogger has called Obama a smart stupid man.  Now I am starting to think this President is just plain delusional living in a parallel universe that has no basis in fact. 

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