Friday, September 19, 2014

Time To Fight For Men's Rights - No More Mr. Nice Guy

Every time this Blogger hears of various special interest groups focused on Women, Blacks, Hispanics, animals and every other conceivable cause, I must wonder where is the Men's Caucus in Congress fighting for Men's Rights.  Why do we never talk of Men's Rights. Many Men suffer from Baldness, Prostate Cancer, Heart Disease and Death, often years before women because of more work related stress.  Men are often in bad marriages because of wives that make their life's miserable.

Though women now serve honorably in the armed forces of the United States, it is primarily men whose boots are on the ground facing the hostility of war.  Men often do the dirty work that keeps our country going.  How many women are garbage men, or plumbers.   While I am sure there are some, I have never seen one come to my home. 

It is time to fight for Men's Rights.   Why doesn't the government pay for hair transplants and Viagra, at taxpayer expense, since ObamaCare covers contraceptives and other female problems.  Why don't men get more vacation time than women, since actuarially they die younger.  Why don't we draft women so that the armed forces are at least 50% women.  Why aren't women convicted of husband abuse when they constantly nag their husbands to death. 

Why should men have to pay alimony in the event of divorce to a woman who is perfectly capable of working.   Why do woman usually get child custody, instead of the man, in the event of divorce.  Why is a man expected to open a door for a woman.  They want equal rights, tell them to open their own damn doors.  Why are men often made to look stupid on TV shows.  

Men, it is time to stand up and fight for our rights.  Men face discrimination, humiliation and threat of early death on a daily basis.  This Blogger is sick and tired of all the whining we hear from all these other interest groups.  It is about time for Men to burn our boxers and tell the world No More Mr. Nice Guy.   

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