Saturday, September 13, 2014

Obama Waiting Until After Elections To Give Amnesty To Illegal Aliens

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is waiting until after the November elections to give Amnesty, by Executive Order, in the form of legal status to millions of illegal aliens.   Though Obama promised Hispanic Activists that he would do it during the summer, the picture for Socialists facing reelection, particularly in Red States, looks so bleak because of Obama's unpopularity that the President doesn't dare issue a blanket Executive Order that would further anger the American people.  Socialist Senate Candidates are hanging on by their finger nails even is some blue states like Iowa,  Michigan and New Hampshire.  At this point, Socialists know they will lose seats in the House and that the Republicans will probably win the 6 seats they need to take over the Senate.  Obama is trying desperately to avoid a wave election that could be even worse for the Socialist Party.   Obamanistas are scared to death that they could face a Veto proof Republican Congress, which would spell disaster for the President and the Socialist Party. 

Specific to Illegal Aliens, while this Blogger supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform, once our border is really secure, legal status should not include any kind of Amnesty for those that entered our country illegally.   They can be given a work permit because deportation is not going to happen; but they should be given no preference related to citizenship.  I am more sympathetic toward children brought to our country illegally under the age of 18.  That does not include recent minors coming into our country unaccompanied by their parents.  Those kids should be sent back to the countries they came from as soon as possible.

We do need to get the Immigration issue behind us once our border is secure.  However, we must secure our border first before any reasonable discussion can take place.   Securing the border is a National Security issue, since we know that Terrorists determined to murder Americans are entering our country illegally.  We also have to stop the illegal drug flow coming into our country that is costing the American people billions of dollars in criminal expense.   Further, we cannot afford to add even more millions of people on the dole, since the United States is facing bankruptcy. 

No one should be surprised that Obama is waiting until after the November elections to issue what is likely to be an unconstitutional Executive Order giving legal status to millions of Illegal Aliens.   When he does it, we will face a Constitutional Crisis that will paralyze our government even worse than the gridlock we face now.  Given the Terrorist Threat that we face, the last thing we need is more dysfunctional government; but that is exactly what is coming.     

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