Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where Is The Coalition To Destroy Islamic Fascists

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry are struggling to build a coalition to destroy Islamic Fascists that have taken over much of Iraq and Syria.  Is it any surprise.  Obama's foreign policy changes daily.   We have gone from Obama calling these Islamic Fascists, just last January, the JV Team to now the President calling them a serious threat to the peace of the world.   Obama is late to the game and our allies in particular can't figure out what the hell he is doing. 

Just today Obamanistas declared that we would not only bomb ISIS is Syria; but also Bashir Assad's military units if they try to stop us from bombing ISIS.  Why on earth would Assad care if we bomb ISIS, his mortal enemy.  If anything we would be helping Assad stay in power if we destroy ISIS in Syria.   And of course, Iran and Russia that support Assad must be thoroughly confused; I know I am.   Obama now wants to give weapons to the good guys in Syria that he called doctors and pharmacists just a few months ago incapable of defeating either Assad or ISIS.

This is starting to turn into an old Abbott and Costello routine; you know the one about who is on first.    The reality is that the first thing Obama needs to do is figure out who the enemy really is.   Islamic Fascists in Iraq, Syria, Gaza and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa are not devout Muslims.  They are Islamic Fascist Terrorists, murdering Muslims, Christians, Jews and other peoples in the name of God,  that all must be destroyed to preserve our freedom and way of life. 

Once Obama figures out who the enemy really is, he might be able to get his feckless foreign policy back on track.  No country will be part of a coalition run by our incompetent President.  And, who can blame them.  Obama is like the weather. It and he changes his policy on a daily basis.  The world needs strong leadership if they are to follow our President.   Based on Obama's track record, that leadership is sorely missing and so are our coalition partners.   

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