Friday, September 12, 2014

9/11 Remembered - US Still At War With Islamic Fascists

As we remember 9/11, Socialist President Obama has declared war on Islamic Fascists in Iraq and Syria; but pretty late in the game.   However, there is a disconnect between Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry who says it is  not a war.   Obamanistas need to get on the same page to have any credibility.  Obama called ISIS the JV Team just last January, even though the intelligence community called them a serious threat to our national security long before.   This allowed ISIS to take over a good part of Syria and Iraq.   So now, presumably Obama finally has recognized that we have to get serious about destroying ISIS.  That means using air power to destroy ISIS from the air and providing anyone who will fight them on the ground with arms and materials.   Obama claims we are not putting boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria; but he has increased those boots to about 1,600 soldiers to act as advisers.  Boots are boots.   And, you can bet the CIA is all over this, though those boots are never discussed, or counted. 

Look these Terrorists are NOT orthodox Muslims.   They are Islamic Fascists seeking to establish a caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  To do so, they are more than willing and able to kill Muslims, Christians, Jews and anyone else that stands in their way.   What we are seeing is the same evil we saw with Adolf Hitler and we know the horrible end of that story.  There is no compromise or negotiation possible with these fanatics.  Sadly, the only option is total destruction.  Since they have announced they are at war with us, Obama should asked the Congress for a Declaration of War against these Islamic Fascists, where ever they exist, that kill in the name of God.   We need to put together a coalition of the willing, particularly other Muslim nations in the region, to destroy them.   What other option do we have.   It is either destroy these Islamic Fascists, or allow them to kill our people in shopping malls, which is unacceptable.

Obama seems to be on the right track; but it is hard to know if he will follow through.  It is very difficult for him to call this what it is; Terrorists killing in the name of Islam.  They are not just "extremists" as proclaimed by Obama.   This is a faction of radical Islam that must be destroyed to protect other Muslims, Christians and Jews.  It really is that simple.  Further, we must secure our border and implement strict visa and immigration procedures to prevent these Terrorists from entering, or reentering our country.  This is particularly true for Americans and Europeans, that have been recruited by ISIS, that are free to travel between our countries without visas.  Obama should impose the same strict procedures, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, is putting in place to prevent entry into their country.   We cannot allow these Terrorists into our country.  This is the most serious threat we have faced to our homeland since World War II.  Let us hope that Obama has the back bone to deal with it first by calling it what it is.   Time will tell.     

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