Thursday, October 2, 2014

Obama's Big Government Failures

With the exception of the US Military, 100 years of Socialist Creep has culminated in President Obama's Big Government Failures and there are many.  Socialists worship at the feet of Big Government even when we see failure after failure.   The recent exposure of Secret Service incompetence that has exposed the President and his family to danger, is the tip of a huge iceberg.   Let's start with the Obama - Holder Justice Department, which should be called the Injustice Department.  The Justice Department under Obama - Holder is in business to punish their perceived "Conservative enemies" and prevent punishment of government crooks, liars and Crony Capitalists that contribute to Socialist campaigns.   Liar Attorney General Eric Holder, held in Contempt of Congress for committing perjury, should have been FIRED by the President, not just allowed to resign.   Holder should be going to jail, not early retirement with a huge federal pension and the speaker circuit that will make him rich. 

Next, the IRS Dirty Tricks and Veterans Affairs Scandals are another huge indication of federal government failure.  In this case, corrupt political cronies and crooks, should be going to jail for the crimes they have committed, rather than getting promoted with more money and or allowed to go off into early retirement with cushy pensions.   The problem is that in Socialist mentality those that commit these crimes, in the name of intrusive big government, are heroes.   This perverse Socialist mentality pervades government. 

The Department of Education pays bureaucrats billions of dollar for accomplishing nothing.   Since the Department of Education was created by Jimmy Carter, student achievement has actually gone done.   Wouldn't it be better if this money was given to local school districts instead so that Board's of Education could use it to lower class size, reward excellent teachers and build new facilities where needed.   Instead, we send billions of taxpayer dollars to Washington that are wasted just to continue feeding the bureaucratic beast to no positive effect. 

The Environmental Protection Agency, in the name of clean air and water, is killing jobs.  Everybody wants clean air and water; but crazy regulations must be balanced by the economic impact of destroying who communities and industries.  This Social Engineering run wild without any concern for the American people.  We need cheaper, more available clean energy of all types; not more expensive energy that will lower the standard of living for all Americans.  Hello, this is just common sense.   The EPA should become the Environmental Energy Production Agency to get it right. 

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare, perhaps the biggest government train wreck in American history, are all headed toward insolvency.  Amtrac and the Post Office are already bankrupt requiring huge government subsidies.   There is so much waste, fraud and abuse in government spending that is unfathomable.  Yet, Socialists always call for higher taxes and more government spending to solve problems.   As Ronald Reagan said, Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.  The majority of the American people have figured this out.  How many more Big Government Failures do we need to experience before we start to down size the federal government to no more than 17% of Gross Domestic Product.  Today, we are at 25% and growing.  The bigger the federal government gets, the poorer the American people.   It has to end if we are to have prosperity again in our nation.      

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