Thursday, December 3, 2009

President Obama - Clueless in Washington DC

President Obama held his "Jobs Summit" in Washington DC. Conspicuously absent because they were not invited were the US Chamber of Commerce, The National Federation of Business and the National Manufacturers Association, which together represent more than 140 million working Americans. The reason these organizations were not invited to attend the Summit is that they oppose many of Obama's Socialist Schemes like CAP & TAX and HealthScare because these are job killer bills. While there were liberal Keynesian economists present who support government deficit spending and Obama's policies, Art Laffer, the renowned economist who created the Laffer curve and advocated the supply side economics that was the basis for the Reagan Revolution and 25 years of prosperity and job growth was not on the invitation list either. Obviously, in his need to be loved, Obama only wanted to hear from people that support his Socialist Schemes rather than people who know how to create jobs.

What was particularly galling and makes my blood boil is that President Obama said in so many words that the reason for the current 17% real unemployment rate is that Small Businesses have laid off employees to increase profitability. Obama went on to say that companies are attempting to "squeeze" more productivity out of existing employees again to be more profitable. This President has never managed any private or public enterprise in his life. Obama is completely clueless related to managing a business or making payroll. The fact is that small businesses have not laid off employees to be more profitable; but rather to SURVIVE this horrible recession caused as much by Obama's failed economic plan as any other factors.

It is clear to me that other than a nice smile and eloquent speeches that President Obama is completely incompetent. Further, 92% of the people working in the Obama Administration have either come from government employment or they are academics. Very few of these people including the President have any business experience whatsoever. This is the reason why they do not understand Economics 101 and/or what is necessary to actually create jobs.

Clearly, we must take back the Congress in 2010 by electing common sense Conservatives that have worked in the real world. However, it is hard to see how we can survive Obama until 2012. President Obama is doing severe damage to our country. Many, many Americans are suffering as a result of Obama's Socialist Schemes and deficit spending. The dollar is collapsing. Unemployment will continue to rise as long as Democrat Socialists keep proposing crazy tax increases, bigger government and more regulations. We must take back our country and sooner than later for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

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