Sunday, December 13, 2009

Democrat Socialists in Trouble

There are many Democrat Socialists facing electoral defeat in 2010. While President Obama may be personally popular, his HealthScare and CAP & TAX Plans along with other Socialists Schemes are wildly unpopular. And, less than 30% of Americans approve of the actions of the Democrat Socialist controlled Congress. About 59% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

And, why not, Obama and the Democrat Socialist controlled Congress are bankrupting our nation. This week the Democrat Socialists approved a $1.1 Trillion spending bill, which was about 10% over last year's spending and this does not include any money for Defense spending. And shortly, the Democrat Socialists will increase the debt ceiling by $1.8 Trillion to add to the current $12.1 Trillion debt ceiling. They are doing this now so they don't have to deal with raising the debt ceiling in 2010 during election time, or so they think. Since Democrat Socialists are spending money like drunken sailors, the deficit is likely to be higher than they anticipate so they will need to raise the debt ceiling even higher if this persists.

As a result, some very high visibility Democrat Socialist Senators like Harry Reid of Nevada, Michael Bennet of Colorado, Chris Dodd of Connecticut (the crooked Friend of Angelo Misulo who gave Dodd a Countrywide Mortgage sweet heart deal) and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas to name just a few are in big trouble. These Democrat Socialist Senators are polling far behind numerous Republican challengers. Even though these incumbents have tons of money and are already running campaign ads, all of them are very unpopular in their home states. Tea Bag protesters are very focused on defeating these incumbents. There is a huge drive to Daschle, as in throw out of office, Democrat Socialist Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid, as a primary target for defeat.

2010 will be a great opportunity to elect Conservatives to the US Senate. Because of the 60 vote requirement to get anything important done in the Senate, a change of just five seats back to the Republican side of the aisle would likely end the Obama Presidency in advance of 2012 when we have an opportunity to make Obama a one term President. In addition, it is very likely that Republicans will also gain House seats as well in 2010 given the intense dislike of Democrat Socialist San Francisco Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Democrat Socialists are in big trouble because the United States is a center right country and the Democrat Socialists are left wing radicals who are bankrupting the United States. It really is pretty simple. We are going to take back our country one election at a time. And, all elections are national and must be the focus of our movement in order to insure the demise of the Democrat Socialist Party and all their Socialist Schemes. We can do it. We are going to do it.

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