Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Global Warming - Other Scientific Opinions

Recently, 50 renowned Scientists, headed by Professor Henrik Svensmark, a physicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen held a "Skeptics Conference" to discuss Global Warming. These Scientists have concluded that Global Warming is being caused by solar activity; not necessarily man made carbon emissions. They base there opinion on the last time the earth saw rising temperatures, which happened during medieval times in a similar cycle. By the way, there was also a little ice age that came around this same time period. The point is that climate change is cyclical and has been happening on earth for millions of years. Professor Svensmark has also stated that supposedly rising sea levels have also been exaggerated by "climate alarmists" based on computer models not real data. The fact is that based on lake sediments, actual coast lines and tree growth, sea levels have been stable. And, it was recently reported that the polar bear population is rising not falling.

In addition, 30,000 American Scientists have petitioned the US government to reject the original Kyoto Treaty, which was never ratified by the United States, calling for significantly lower carbon emissions. Obviously, even though the left wing media and environmental wackos would have us believe that all Scientists agree on the causes of Global Warming, it is just not true. And, now that we see that Scientists have actually been manipulating data to make their case for man made Global Warming, it may be that we are experiencing one of the biggest lies in human history. This is starting to feel like Hitler's Fascist propaganda machine.

So given all of these facts, why is the Obama Administration marching down a road to require ridiculous regulation of carbon emissions that will destroy our economy and do little to impact Global Warming? There must be some ulterior motive. Since the science does not support recent Obama dictates on climate, I believe the real reason President Obama is pushing CAP & TAX is to create another source of taxation and to gain more control over our lives. It is estimated that CAP & TAX will cost the average American family an extra $3,000 a year in additional energy costs. This is a real job killer bill because obviously this is $3,000 that consumers will not have to spend on the purchase of other goods and services. In addition, we will have Big Brother Obama in our daily lives as we are governed by more regulation and bureaucrats. Just what we need!!

We have to stop all this insanity. Our government has been taken over by radical Socialists who support big government and will use any means possible to grow government. HealthScare, CAP & TAX, bail outs etc. etc are just another means of imposing government control over our lives. President Obama and the Democrats that control Congress are intent on imposing all of their Socialist schemes on the American people. We must take back our country during the elections of 2010 and 2012 to restore fiscal sanity and common sense. Obama's vision for America is clearly not the vision of the majority of the American people.

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