Friday, December 25, 2009

Democrat Socialists Target Baby Boomers

The Greatest Generation fought World War II and saved the world for Democracy. They also begat the Baby Boom Generation when they came back from war. Those of us that are Baby Boomers learned Focus and Discipline from our hard working parents. Baby Boomers went on to become the best educated, most sophisticated and widely traveled generation in human history. We grew up without video games so we actually read books; just imagine.

From the foundation created by our parents, we Baby Boomers made the 20th Century the American Century. During the last 50 years of the 20th century, Baby Boomers perfected the space age and the technology revolution, which includes the Internet; though not invented by former Vice President Al Gore, as he once claimed. We also saw the growth of American global corporations and manufacturing in the United States. And, thanks to Ronald Reagan in the 80's, the United States defeated Godless Communism when Reagan brought down the Soviet Union to make the US the only super power in the world. That was then and this is now. Washington politicians have made a real mess of our country. We face trillions in deficits. Manufacturing is now predominantly in China; hence our unemployment rate. And, it is very likely that the 21st Century will not be the American century; but rather the Chinese century if we don't get our house in order and quick.

Nevertheless, Baby Boomers paid and paid taxes to support the guns and butter of several wars and New Deal and Great Society social policy. We dutifully paid the highest Social Security and Medicare taxes ever paid to provide a level of benefits to our parent's that they never paid for. We assumed that one day we would receive similar Social Security and Medicare benefits; but we assumed wrong. Beginning in 1965, politicians of both political parties voted to steal our Social Security and Medicare contributions, which were in surplus for years and use that money to get re-elected by funding all kinds of pork barrel spending. There never was a lock box.

All the money Baby Boomers paid in for Social Security and Medicare benefits is long gone. And, as an unintended consequence of abortion since Roe v Wade in 1971, 20 million human beings do not otherwise exist that should have been here to contribute to the Social Security and Medicare trust funds in order to pay for the benefits that Baby Boomers were supposed to receive and that we absolutely not only paid for; but paid more than was needed to fund the benefits of then current recipients. As such, since these 20 million human beings are not there to pay into Social Security and Medicare; both are now insolvent.

Democrat Socialists know all of this. They also know that 70 million Baby Boomers are now retiring and the money is not there to provide them their Social Security and Medicare benefits let alone insure 31 million more people through a new entitlement who are uninsured today. Let there be no doubt that the real target of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi HealthScare Plan is Baby Boomers. And, even though Baby Boomers have paid and paid and paid, these Democrat Socialists want us to pay even more to support their PEEP's. So, in years to come Democrat Socialists, if they are allowed to remain in power, will means test both Social Security and Medicare. And, or we will see very high premiums paid by Seniors for Medicare. In addition, Democrat Socialists will raise dividend, capital gains, inheritance and income taxes to take even more from Baby Boomers. Democrat Socialists are even planning a VAT (Value Added Tax) federal sales tax to advance their Socialist Schemes.

Democrat Socialists have targeted Baby Boomers with cuts in Medicare and a variety of new taxes to fund benefits for their PEEP's and eventually for illegal aliens. All of this is as clear as day. The end result is that rich Baby Boomers will buy whatever health care they need. The poor will get health care for free. Middle Class Baby Boomers, the vast majority, if they can't afford to buy additional health care, will face less health care benefits, rationing, death panels and long waits to see doctors etc. etc.

Baby Boomers, in particular, have to take back our country. We have paid our "fair share" no matter what Democrat Socialists say. In fact, we have paid far more than our fair share. Baby Boomers are probably the most accomplished generation in American history. We paid our dues many times over. Most of us earned what we have. We deserve the benefits that we paid for related to Social Security and Medicare. We cannot allow these Democrat Socialists to steal from us and or our sons and daughters. The elections of 2010 and 2012 will be critical to the future of Baby Boomers and our retirements. Get your check books ready to support Conservative candidates that will vote for fiscal sanity. We have to take back the Congress and then the Presidency. We can do it. We have to do it.

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