Monday, December 14, 2009

Democrat Socialists - The Union Label

At the Federal level, the Democrat Party has been taken over by left wing, radical Socialists in the European tradition. With the exception of about 40 Blue Dog Liberal Democrats in the House of Representatives and a hand full of liberal Democrat Senators in the US Senate that all come from Red States, all other Democrat elected members of Congress are Socialists that come from the Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Carter and European tradition rather than the Clinton, Johnson, John Kennedy, Truman, more moderate wing of the Democrat party. When Hillary Clinton lost the Democrat primary, that moderate wing of the Democrat party lost with her. As such, it is absolutely critical that we call them what they are; Democrat Socialists rather than allowing the left wing media to brand these radicals as Liberals or Progressives to make them more acceptable to the American people. And, going further, the Black Caucus in the House of Representatives, can be referred to as Radical Democrat Socialists because they are even more left wing and border on being Communists.

Of course, this applies to President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi along with the entire leadership of the Democrat Socialist Party. Most important, the Democrat Socialist Party is owned lock stock and barrel by the public employee unions that with the Democrat Socialist Party are bankrupting both many states and our country. Clearly, it really is this cast of characters against the American People. It is those of us that believe in Free Enterprise against the Democrat Socialists that hate it. It is those of us who work in the private sector and pay income taxes against those who work in the public sector bankrupting our country, or who otherwise could work; but that are on welfare or fraudulent disability benefits. Sadly, there really are two America's.

Democrat Socialists believe in big government at the expense of the private sector, high taxes, social justice, which is their term for redistribution of income and regulation of every facet of our lives. They tolerate the free market; but only to tax it to fund all their Socialist Schemes. Democrat Socialists are in business to take care of their PEEPS not the American people that are paying all the bills. It is what it is so let's all at least be honest about it. If Democrat Socialists could get it done, they would eliminate the Second Amendment to the US Constitution; the right to bear arms because they are afraid that one day the American people will rise up against them to end the tyranny that they plan to impose on us. By the way, as soon as the Communists and the Nazi's came to power, they prohibited private citizens from owning guns in order to impose their will on the people. So whenever you hear a Democrat Socialist speak against the Second Amendment, understand his real motive. It has nothing to do with crime in the streets. Our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment in the US Constitution allowing Americans to own guns not to provide for hunting; but in anticipation of a potential tyrannical government and the need to defend against it. If all the Democrat Socialist Trillions in deficit spending are allowed to continue, we will see the economic collapse of the United States and civil strife, the real reason people are buying guns in record numbers.

And next we will see opposition to the First Amendment related to Freedom of Speech as Democrat Socialists declare war on Fox News, perceived to be against Democrat Socialists and all their Schemes designed to limit our freedoms. The Democrat Socialists also seek to control the Internet to prevent blogs like mine. Controlling the Internet happens in China to prevent free speech and the ability to organize against the Communist Government. Just think, could the Tea Bag Movement have happened without the Internet; not likely? The Democrat Socialists fear the protests in the street and they know that the Internet is the means of organization so now they are attempting to use the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the Internet. The Democrat Socialists are pushing to give President Obama "emergency powers" to control the Internet. This should be no surprise.

It is critical that we refer to these radicals and their political party as Democrat Socialists so that the American people understand that when they vote for Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Durban, Schumer, Dodd, Waxman, Boxer and many other left wing Democrats that they are actually voting for SOCIALISTS, not "Liberals or Progressives", that want to limit our freedoms and change our way of life. We have to take back our country to preserve our freedoms and our way of life. There is no less at stake during the upcoming elections of 2010 and 2012.

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