Sunday, December 6, 2009

ClimateGate - Something Rotten in Denmark

This week 192 nations will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss global warming and consider binding agreements that will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition there will be discussions concerning redistribution of developed nations wealth so developing countries can afford to give up their reliance on cheap fossil-fuel-based energy. It is very possible that President Obama will sell out the United States during this meeting and agree to provide billions of tax payer dollars to other countries as a bribe to curtail their use of fossil fuels. The only problem with this show is that it may be based on faulty science.

It turns out that climate brainiacs, those Scientists who have come up with the global warming theory, have been cooking the books. For two and a half years, many in Great Britain have tried to use their Freedom of Information Act to gain access to climate data produced by the Queen's University in Belfast to no avail. The University of Belfast tracks tree ring growth going back 7,000 years in 1,500 different sites around the world. It seems that tree ring growth is a good indicator of climatic conditions over hundreds if not thousands of years. Yet, the University of Belfast is stonewalling and will not release the information.

Similarly, NASA refuses to release its climate data, which is also being pursued under the Freedom of Information Act in the US. did get access to NASA data in 2007 in a published report and discovered that there were math errors in NASA's published data. It turns out that 1998 was not the hottest year recorded in recent history, it was 1934. The third hottest year was 1921, not 2006. And, instead of the 10 hottest years occurring since 1990, six of the 10 hottest years occurred before 1940. Obviously, carbon emissions during these earlier years were not any where near what they are today. But the real question is why are these organizations attempting to hide this climate data. Could it be that there is something rotten in Denmark and that in fact, though there may be some global warming, that there is not conclusive evidence that it is being caused by human intervention. Polar bears after all are on the rise not the decline. That is another big lie.

Most important, there have been major climactic changes though out world history and long before there were any man made carbon emissions. It is very possible that this happens in some sort of normal cycle that is unavoidable. It is possible that lowering emissions may help to reduce global warming a bit; but do we really want to bet the farm on it without conclusive data. All should know that Obama's CAP & TAX Bill has nothing to do with Global Warming. It is just one more of Obama's Socialist Schemes designed to control the economy and generate more tax revenues that can be redistributed to Obama's Peeps.

We have to take back our country to stop these crazy Socialist Schemes. The United States needs to be energy independent, which can be achieved in an environmentally sound way by expanding the use of nuclear, natural gas, clean coal and oil until such time that newer technologies are feasible without government tax subsidies. It is also the best way to create jobs that cannot be off shored. We have to get to the bottom of ClimateGate to stop Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress from further harming the American economy. This is about common sense not environmental wacko crazy ideas that are not founded on sound science.

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