Tuesday, December 8, 2009

President Obama - The Climate Dictator

The US Environmental Protection Agency, under orders from President Obama, just announced that greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, "threaten the public health" of Americans and will now be federally regulated. Obama is doing this because he knows he does not have the votes in the US Senate to pass CAP & TAX, presumably the legislation that would be necessary to enact Draconian cuts in carbon emissions in keeping with the agreements being discussed in Copenhagen this month. Obama is attempting to get around the US Constitution that requires that the US Senate ratify any treaty made with other nations. President Obama is now the CLIMATE DICTATOR. All of this is based on faulty science, yet the environmental wackos in the Democrat Socialist Party, including Obama, are determined to push through these regulations one way or another, which will destroy our economy.

This ruling immediately prompted warnings from industry groups that any such regulations would be unworkable, and will come at an intolerable economic cost. Fortunately, the Competitive Enterprise Institute plans to sue the Environmental Protection Agency to force the reversal of this ruling. They have won a similar lawsuit in the past to strike down other government Socialist Schemes dealing with climate change during the Clinton Administration. There will be many other lawsuits as well on Constitutional grounds if Obama attempts to sign an agreement with other countries based on this ruling and his Executive authority alone. President Woodrow Wilson learned this the hard way when the Senate refused to ratify the treaty he had signed to end World War I and set up the League of Nations; the predecessor to the United Nations.

The Environmental Protection Agency acknowledges that this ruling restricting CO2 at levels dictated by the act would impose regulation on more than 6 million businesses in the United States, including minor emitters such as hotels, malls and restaurants. This is going to impact Joe the Pizza man and cost millions of jobs. In other words, these restrictions will apply to any business that turns on a light. Currently, the EPA only regulates emissions related to about 15,000 American businesses. We have clearly reached environmental wacko insanity. The left wing Democrat Socialists in the Obama Administration and in Congress are simply out of control and must be stopped.

We have to take back our country. President Obama is a radical determined to transform the United States into a Socialist nation. This should be crystal clear by now. Obama wants to control every aspect of our lives and tax us to death to support his PEEPS. We can't allow this to happen. 2010 is coming. Get your check books ready and when we endorse Conservative candidates around the country, give until it hurts. We must act to save our country for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.

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