Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Obama Rates Himself B Plus - Oh Really!!

On the Oprah Winfrey show, the annointed one, President Obama when asked to rate his own performance gave himself a B Plus. This grade is interesting in view of the fact that 59% of the American people think the country is headed in the wrong direction and no more than 47% of Americans approve of Obama's job performance; but the President lives in a bubble surrounded by left wing minions who tell him he is our savior. Unfortunately for Obama, that job is already taken. Normally, previous President's when asked a similar question have always left it to future historians to rate their performance; but not Narcissist Obama who no doubt spends a lot of time looking at himself in the mirror every morning. In any case, as a former American History and Government teacher who has learned the lessons of history, I thought I would provide the President his first year report card as follows:

Subject/ Grade /Comments

Speeches and Smiles "A" Obama is very good at Speeches and Smiles.

HealthScare "F " Obama's Plan will bankrupt the US.

CAP & TAX "F" Obama's Plan is a job killer bill that will result in much higher energy cost for the American People.

Managing the Economy "F " The SwindleUS Plan was a complete failure. We were promised a cap of 8% unemployment and the real rate is now above 17%. The Bush
Administration stabilized the banking system before Obama took office; so
no credit for Obama.

Foreign Policy "F" Everyone overseas loves Obama; but they don't respect or fear him. Iran and North Korea are still developing nuclear weapons. Obama's dithering related to Afghanistan cost American lives. Bowing to foreign leaders is not acceptable to the American people.

Homeland Security "F" Closing Guantanamo Bay to bring Terrorist to a prison in Illinois is just plain dumb. Trying Terrorists in New York City instead of by military tribunal is even dumber.

Bankrupting the US "F " Obama and the other Democrat Socialists that control the Congress are bankrupting the US with Trillions of Dollars in deficit spending.

Other than the "A" for Speeches and Smiles, is would appear that President Obama has failed his first year in office. Gosh, now what are we going to do? I guess Obama is well meaning; but his clear lack of experience is the reason Obama has failed Presidency 101. Oh yes, he may get some of this Socialist Schemes enacted into law by the Democrat Socialist controlled Congress; but none of those Schemes are good for the United States. As such, enacting more bail outs and laws that will result in even more deficit spending will not improve the President's grades. In fact, President Obama could end up with a grade even lower than Failing. Obama will end up as a one term President when he loses the election in 2012 to a Conservative that will need to come in, just like Ronald Reagan did after Jimmy Carter, to clean up the mess that Obama is creating every day Obama is in office. Maybe once Mrs. Obama sees this report card, Michelle can work with the President to improve his grades. I sure hope so.

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