Friday, December 4, 2009

Blue States That Voted For Obama

It should be no surprise that the Blue States that voted for Obama are worse off during this recession than the Red States that voted for McCain in spite of the fact that they have gotten most of the SwindleUS Plan money. Of the the highest unemployment rates in the country, above the 10% national average, 8 out of 10 are Blue States. This is the case because states like California, Michigan, Illinois and New York are controlled by Democrat Socialists and as such these states have very high taxes and crazy regulations that are job killer bills; kind of like Obama's HealthScare and CAP & TAX bills.

Republicans are feeling pretty good about all of this. The state of Nevada has 13% official unemployment and the highest foreclosure rate in the country. As a result, Democrat Socialist and Majority Leader, Senate Harry Reid is in trouble even though he has tons of money and is running daily commercials early in the race, touting the jobs he has brought to Nevada. What a joke!! Reid closed Yucca Mountain, which was to have been the national nuclear repository, 100 miles outside Las Vegas after the federal government spent billions of dollars developing it. This would have brought thousands of high paying, non-casino jobs to Nevada at a time when they are badly needed. The two top contenders for the Republican nomination for Reid's Senate seat, Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkenian are both ahead in the polls by 10% and 6% respectively. If the election were held today Senator Harry Reid would be defeated and sent back to Searchlight, Nevada to retire to his home in the desert. As a Nevada resident, I can say that we are working very hard to make that happen.

In Illinois, the President's home state, Republican Mark Kirk, the favored candidate for the Republican Senate nomination is tied with Democrat Socialist Alexi Giannoulias, the State Treasurer at 41% each. Another poll has Kirk ahead by 3%. Remember, Illinois is a very Blue state so the fact that the Republican is even close at this point is a very bad sign for the Democrat Socialist Party. This is particularly the case after recent wins by Republicans Bob McDonnell and Chris Cristie; for Governor of Virginia and New Jersey, the Bluest of Blue states.

This is all happening because 57.5% of the people, according to a Fox New Poll, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. The United States is a center right country not a left wing Socialist nation. Though about 49% of the people still support Obama because he is a pretty likable guy, they do not support Obama's Socialist schemes. And, about 45% of the people now consider themselves Conservatives (hurrah) as opposed to 19% who see themselves as liberal/Socialists. Ronald Reagan would be very happy. The tide is definitely turning. With some hard work, the votes will be there in 2010 to take back the Congress, end or curtail the Obama Presidency and save our country. We have to do it. We will do it.

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